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The Environmental Transport Association in the United Kingdom is not pleased with the government's plan to launch a so-called Cash for Clunkers program. Automakers are generally fond of the proposals that would pay new car purchasers £2,000 for trading in their old rides for new cars. The stated goal is to get older, dirtier and less fuel efficient machines off the road in favor of models with the latest emissions controls.

Vehicle scrapping plans are likely to get lots of attention now that Germany's program has proven so effective. Last month, sales in Germany, Europe's largest new car market, surged by 21 percent, which is an amazing figure considering the current state of the global economy. Much of this uptick in sales can be attributed to a new program that Germany introduced that pays new car buyers 2,500 euros to trade in and scrap their old cars, just so long as the displaced vehicle is at least nine years