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US Army grounds Apache, Black Hawk helicopters across US

Three accidents in less than two weeks has forced the Army to issue a four-day grounding of its US-based Apache and Black Hawk helicopters.

US military suffers third aviation-related incident since Monday

It's only Thursday, but the US military has suffered three separate, non-fatal, aviation-related incidents. A total of ten injuries have been reported.

Lockheed Martin acquires helo manufacturer Sikorsky in $9B deal

Lockheed Marin is set to dramatically expand its reach in the helicopter market, with the purchase of Sikorsky Aircraft, manufacturer of the UH-60 Blackhawk.

Army Blackhawk crashes in Florida, 11 crewmen missing, presumed dead

A US Army Blackhawk crashed in heavy fog last night, leaving its crew of four LA National Guardsmen and seven MARSOC Marines missing and presumed dead.