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The GM strike lasted less than 40 hours, not even two full days. For UAW president Ron Gettelfinger, however, it was just enough time to secure for his members the concessions he wanted. So which side blinked after 40 hours of staring the other down? It's tough to tell, but the UAW's main sticking point was job security, and it was looking for a guarantee that production for new models wouldn't be moved outside the United States. This is the issue that initiated the strike, and it appears that G

Investors and industry pundits don't believe the UAW strike will last long, proving their belief with a slight drop of $0.20 in GM's stock price. Widespread belief is that GM could handle a two-week halt in production without devastation to its balance sheet and recovery plan. GM's got three months of inventory on hand, and GM had planned to cut production by 10-percent in Q4 anyway. The only hitch could be with popular vehicles like the Enclave and Acadia, which typically spend just two weeks o

var digg_url = 'http://www.digg.com/business_finance/UAW_officially_on_strike_talks_with_GM_broken_off'; We had the TV on at 11:00AM EST expecting to see CNN, MSNBC and Fox News providing up to the minute coverage of the UAW's potential strike in the wake of failed contract negotiations with General Motors. Only CNN is covering the strike at this point, and it's 11:15 now. CNN, however, has been confused as to whether a strike is actually happening. They've been running live footage of vehicl