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Welcome to the party: Health care options dwindle under new UAW-GM contract

It's widely known that UAW workers have better than average health and dental coverage. That coverage makes up a sizable chunk of GM's labor costs, which the automaker wants to reduce through its pending contract with the UAW. Though copies of the contract in various states have been leaked, no one has taken a good look yet at what will happen to the UAW worker's health and dental coverage if the contract is approved.

First plant rejects UAW-GM contract

UPDATE: The Detroit News is reporting workers at the Romulus, MI engine plant have also

UAW-GM "white book" contract released on web

It turns out the 24-page document we showed you last week was not the full UAW-GM contract the two parties negotiated after an historic 40-hour strike, but rather a highlights booklet to make the nuts and bolts of the deal easier for the union's rank and file to digest. The real contract, called the "white book" by union members, has also now hit the web. We found it John Neff

UAW-GM contract details revealed, local leaders vote unanimously to approve

UPDATE: According to Automotive News, the deal also stipulates GM agrees to new-vehicle programs at 16 U.S. plants.