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As we reported earlier, the UAW is continuing its negotiation talks with Chrysler LLC for a new contract, having chosen the Auburn Hills-based automaker as its next dance partner after reaching a tentative agreement with General Motors on September 26th. The UAW's contract with Chrysler LLC expired on September 14th, but the union extended the deadline for Chrysler (and Ford) while it was focusing on negotiations with General Motors. As we all know, the UAW chose to strike against GM, and it may

A UAW leadership-approved contract between GM and the UAW is only a couple days from a rank and file vote deadline, so the UAW has begun negotiations with its next target, Chrysler LLC. The Cerberus-owned automaker is looking for a similar deal to what GM received, plus the same wage/benefit breaks GM and Ford received the past couple years. Chrysler feels it was slighted then when the UAW denied DCX its wish to even the playing field with Ford and GM when those companies got a benefit break, so