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U-haul has long been one of the top choices for people that needed a truck or trailer to move bulky stuff across town or across the country. You could easily pick up a moving van on one coast, load it up and drop it off on the opposite coast. Now the company is branching out into renting smaller transport for those that only need to move a couple of bodies - in the passenger seats, of course. U Car Share has been operating for a while in Madison WI, Portland, OR and Portland, ME. The most recent

Car sharing services like Zipcar and FlexCar have some new competition. U-Haul, best know for renting movers clunky but practical vans and trailers, has started a car sharing service. Like the others, U Car Share allows you to rent a car just as long as you need one. U Car Share's rates are a $25 application fee, a $50 annual membership fee and then $10 per hour or $65 a day. The fees include 125 miles per day, with more miles charged at 40 cents a mile. There is also an overnight rate.