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Way back in April, the idea for electric green Black Cabs in London was first floated. Chinese automaker Geely is apparently still working on the cabs and the U.K. authorities and watchdog agencies are beginning to pick up on the idea. The Environmental Transport Association in particular has taken notice that many cabs in London are powered by diesel engines, which may be great for fuel efficiency but not so much for human health. Many diesel-powered vehicles emit plenty of particulates that ha

Whether the new TX4E electric cab is right for your favorite London cab driver just might have a lot to do with where that driver lives. According to a story in the South China Morning Post (can only find a Lexis Nexis link that probably won't work), the upcoming all-electric black cab made by London Taxis International, part of Manganese Bronze, has one major drawback: a 100-mile range. "Hey," you might be saying to yourself, "an EV with that sort of range would be perfect for me." And that mig