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Cabbie converts London taxi into Olympic hotel

We don't know what kind of person would want to be traveling in London right now. With the Olympics in town, the city has become besieged with tourists, athletes and officials. The price of hotel rooms have skyrocketed, and the presence of Olympic-only bus lanes have locked up everyone else, who must share the road. The length of a cab ride has jumped tremendously.

Geely still planning electric cabs in London, ETA approves

Way back in April, the idea for electric green Black Cabs in London was first floated. Chinese automaker Geely is apparently still working on the cabs and the U.K. authorities and watchdog agencies are beginning to pick up on the idea. The Environmental Transport Association in particular has taken notice that many cabs in London are powered by diesel engines, which may be great for fuel efficiency

Smith EV joins LTI to offer an EV cab for the UK

Although there are some concerns about the range of an electric taxi for a city like London, Smith Electric Vehicles wants to prove that it can be made. Smith has announced, via its newsletter, an agreement with LTI Vehicles, the manufacturers of the iconic British taxis, to build a battery powered, zero emission urban taxi cab. Under the agreement, LTI and Smith will produce an all-ele

TX4E electric taxi will only appeal to some London cabbies

Whether the new TX4E electric cab is right for your favorite London cab driver just might have a lot to do with where that driver lives. According to a story in the South China Morning Post (can only find a Lexis Nexis link tha

Cabbies taking to new, lower-emission TX4 taxis in UK

The new, lower-emission purpose-built TX4 taxi by LTI Vehicles is not only cleaner than previous versions (as we reported when the TX4 was released last fall), it's also proving popular with cabbies and passengers. At least, so says LTI.

New London taxi looks old-school, but with low-emission diesel inside

Launched three weeks ago by LTI Vehicles, the next generation of purpose-built London taxis, the TX4, is now available on Edinburgh streets. The TX4 looks like previous generation London taxis, but under the hood and inside the cab there have been some changes. Most interesting for us is the lower-emissions, Euro IV compliant VM turbodiesel Sebastian Blanco