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Yes the GM Two-Mode hybrids can tow, but what of MPG?

We've had numerous opportunities over the last two years to drive various SUVs and pickup trucks equipped with the two-mode hybrid system spawned from GM, Chrysler, Daimler and BMW. Among the claimed advantages of the two-mode hybrid system is the ability to dramatically improve fuel efficiency while still maintaining the functionality one expects of these trucks, including towing. We

Spyshot: hybrid BMW X6 spotted in the wild

Although it was unveiled back in 2007 during the Frankfurt Motor show, the quirky X6 with a hybrid powertrain has just now been spotted in the wild. French website Le Blog Auto found it on a street in Munich, Germany, where it was not disguised at all, with the HYBRID Erprobungsfahrzeug (hybrid

What will be the fate of the two-mode hybrid Saturn Vue?

Just before the current financial crisis cropped up, General Motors sent out invitations to the media to come and drive the new Saturn Vue two mode hybrid. That event was supposed to happen this past week. But, just like GM's LA Auto Show press conference, the Vue drive was canceled to save money.

Spy shots: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid spotted almost camo-free

The reasons for the existence of the BMW X6 remain a mystery to most who have seen it, including yours truly. In spite of that, BMW soldiers on with its sports activity coupe and next year it will be the first member of the Bavarian lineup to get the two-mode hybrid system. A prototype of the X6 ActiveHybrid has been spotted out and about wearing almost no camouflage. The absent camo has revealed a lump in the hood which no other current X6 possesses. The hybrid X6 is expected to pair the twin-t

AutoblogGreen tries out Chrysler's new Aspen Hybrid

Click the above image for a hi-res gallery at AutoblogGreen

Chevy Silverado hybrid gets official with the EPA 21mpg city/22mpg hwy

The EPA has posted the official mileage numbers for the new Two-Mode hybrid variants of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickup trucks. The open bed crew-cab hybrid trucks scored the same numbers as their full bodye SUV siblings. The rear wheel drive models came in at 21/22 mpg city/hwy while the four drive models achieved 20/20 mpg. The conventional model with the same 6.0L V8 only manages 14 mpg in town and 19 on the highway in rear wheel drive form. The hardware on the pickups is

Chrysler adds integrated temperature humidity sensors on hybrid SUVs

In the course of developing hybrid vehicles, automakers typically try to minimize parasitic losses wherever possible to maximize the fuel efficiency numbers. For Chrysler's first production hybrids, the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen, the struggling automaker has incorporated a new sensor that measures temperature and humidity. Like GM's two-mode hybrids, the air conditioning system in the Chryslers is electrically driven off the hybrid battery. As those of us who live in areas with hot humid

Chrysler lowballs price of its SUV hybrids, starting at $45,340

Click above for high-res gallery of Chrysler's hybrid SUVs

Which Chryslers will follow the Durango/Aspen into hybrid territory?

Now that Chrysler is getting ready to launch the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen hybrids into the world in a few months, the question of what's next arises. We already know about the Dodge Ram getting the Two-Mode hybrid system in 2010. About this time last year at Chrysler's 2008 model year preview EVP-product development Frank Klegon indicated that there would be additional hybrid applications c

Slow sales and new fuel economy regs kill Nissan Titan

When Nissan introduced the Titan pickup truck earlier this decade, they became the first Japanese Automaker to directly challenge the U.S. manufacturers in the full-size truck segment. Unfortunately for Nissan, the gamble didn't pay off, but the company knows when to stop throwing good money after bad. With sales of only 65,000 a year and no sales outside of North America, it didn't make sense for Nissan to spend money developing a new generation vehicle. The capper on the deal were new fuel eco

Dodge Hybrid manager answers reader questions, without saying much

As Chrysler gets ready to launch their first hybrids this fall in the shape of the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen two-modes, Hybrid manager Abdullah Bazzi has posted answers to some reader questions over on the Dodge blog. While none of the questions are particularly deep or earth shattering, Bazzi does reiterate that a hybrid version of the Ram pickup is coming in 2010. Although

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