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TVR faithful – what few there might be remaining – have been wondering for years what Russian billionaire owner Nikolai Smolenski plans to do with what remains of the company. He bought the Blackpool firm in 2004, and ever since, it seems it has made more headlines than products. The latest is Smolenski's apparent plan, detailed to a Dutch magazine, to replace powertrains in existing cars with either a General Motors LS3 V8, a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder turbodiesel from the BMW 335d, or

Nikolai Smolenski's tenure as owner of TVR, the formerly revered maker of hairy-chested British sports cars, is nothing if not quizzical. He bought the company from late founder Peter Wheeler when it was in trouble, didn't do much with it, declared it bankrupt to clear its debts, then bought the company out of bankruptcy. Since then there's been little news save for a legal battle with a TVR remanufacturer and a couple of hints about using an American V8 to power the firm's next car.