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Here’s your chance to buy Tucker’s very own Tucker

It was Preston Tucker’s personal car until 1955, when he sold it to the future governor of Arkansas, a Rockefeller.

Chassis No. 1029 was originally painted in 500 Grey and made a cameo in the 1988 Francis Ford Coppola film "Tucker: The Man and His Dream," starring Jeff Bridges.

Perfectly Restored Tucker 48 Gets 15 More Minutes Of Fame

One of only 51 Tucker 48s ever built

The Tucker 48 in this video is the 46th example made and is now completely restored to its original glory.

Perfectly restored Tucker 48 gets 15 more minutes of fame

There's something about the sheer audacity of the Tucker 48, sometimes also called the Torpedo, that makes this quirky American sedan so intriguing even 60-plus years after its introduction. Preston Tucker was only ever to complete 51 of them, and several of the remaining units were sold at auction after the company went bankr

1948 Tucker Torpedo surfaces in Jay Leno's Garage

The story of the Tucker Car Corporation is a tragic one. Its sole model, the 1948 Tucker Sedan, had a huge number of innovations, with a particular focus on passenger safety, but a catastrophic debut and the ensuing media firestorm it created caused severe problems for the brand. Other issues followed, with an SEC investigation and rumors of troublemaking on the part of General Motors, <