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Volkswagen details world's first 4-cylinder engine with cylinder deactivation [w/video]

Volkswagen has just unveiled cylinder deactivation technology for its 1.4-liter, four-cylinder TSI engine. This represents a world first for cylinder shutoff tech adapted for use on a four-cylinder engine.

Volkswagen gets recognition for efficiency of its TSI engines

German testing and certification company TÜV NORD Group has recognized Volkswagen for its development of the TSI engine family. The TSI engines were one of the first widespread applications of engine downsizing through direct injection and turbocharging.

Greenlings: PHEV? DSG? VMT? A guide to common green vehicle acronyms

Guide to Common Green Acronymns

Deciphering the new vocabulary of the green car movement can sometimes be a real head scratcher. To alleviate as much confusion as possible, we would like to present our readers with a list of common acronyms and what they mean, with plenty of links for more information. If you have some TLA

Volkswagen installs TSI EcoFuel in the Touran minivan

Volkswagen has apparently decided it's about time to install its latest and most powerful CNG (compressed natural gas) bifuel powertrain under the hood of the Touran, a compact MPV, as well as the Cross Touran (pictured above). The 1.4-liter TSI EcoFuel powerplant has an output of 150 horsepower and fuel consumption of 5.2l/100km (45 mpg U.S.) when running on gasoline. Driven with natural

VW decides BlueMotion fits gasoline cars as well, especially Passat 1.4 TSI

Volkswagen just announced that the green badge applied to its high-mpg diesel models will also be used for a gasoline model. The Passat 1.4 TSI will get the BlueMotion badge, a move that should help the car sell in markets where low CO2 emissions matter, tax-wise, like France or the Netherlands. The BlueMotion Passat gets a gearbox with higher gear rations, a chassis thats been dropped 15 mm, a fully enclosed underbody, a closed grille and a weight reduction of 30 kg. The car not onl

Volkswagen adds a new TSI engine to its lineup, goes common-rail as well

Volkswagen is introducing a new 160hp version of its 1.4-liter TFSI engine. This engine and the 122hp version are replacing VW's 1.6 FSI and 2.0 FSI engines which produced 115 and 150hp, respectively. This change in the engine lineup will start in the Golf Plus, Jetta and Golf Variant versions.

Volkswagen TSI engine wins its category again for Engine of the Year

Since winning the "Best New Engine of 2006" award from the International Engine of the Year committee, Volkswagen's Twincharger TSI engine has taken the 1.0 to 1.4 liter category by storm, taking the class victory last year and again for 2008. Cited reasons for the win include the engine's high power output and low gasoline consumption. Other awards have been given to the engine, including

Volkswagen's TSI engines awarded for petrol-engine technology advancement

Volkswagen's TSI engines were awarded the "TechnoBest" award from the 15-nation AutoBest jury in Istanbul today. One reason for the award was that these engines crank out a lot of power for the amount of fuel they consume, something the jury called a "genuine advancement." Read more of the jury's thoughts in VW's announcement after the jump. For the last few years, Europeans have been able to drive using the TSIs, but Americans will get a first taste later this summer with the release of the

VW's TSI technology wins two awards in Japan

Back in April, the VW Golf 1.4L TSI won the Auto Environment Certificate from the ÖKO-TREND Institute for Environmental Research. Today, VW announced that its TSI engine technology - which is available in a variety of vehicles, including the Golf, Touran, Jetta, Golf Plus and Golf estate - won two prizes in Japan. TSI was named "Most Advanced Technology Award 2008" (a bit earl

Volkswagen holds sign-off drive for new Tiguan in Namibia

Volkswagen debuted a concept version of their Tiguan compact SUV last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show and it looks the production version won't be changing much. Volkswagen is holding their final sign-off ride for the new vehicle in Namibia to evaluate the hot weather performance and off-road performance. Unlike some of its competitors - the Ford Escape, Saturn Vue and Toyota

From show to go: VW brings new TSI engine, along with 7-speed DSG

A little over a year ago Volkswagen introduced their TSI engine range in 138 hp and 168 hp flavors. Those two engines both had displacements of 1.4L with the output of something considerably larger. They achieved this by combining gasoline direct fuel injection with what they call twin charging. Both engines had both a turbocharger and mechanical supercharger.

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen CrossGolf

On Tuesday, we brought you the initial details on the new VW CrossGolf, which made its debut in Paris yesterday. Autoblogger Eric Bryant snapped some pictures of the neat-looking veedub and forwarded along the official info from Volkswagen.

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen Touran

Autoblog's Eric Bryant checked out the new VW Touran for us in Paris, and was impressed by the fact that the MPV is available with the DSG gearbox. The slick tranny is standard equipment on vans powered by the 170 PS 1.4 TSI, and is optional on all other TSI and TDI-powered Tourans. The green-minded can opt for the Touran EcoFuel, which runs on compressed natural gas. As we reported earlier in the month,

Volkswagen Twincharger TSI voted "Best New Engine of 2006"

Volkswagen's innovative marriage of a supercharger and a turbocharger on the same 1.4-liter engine gained the automaker two prizes (one for each induction system?) at the "International Engine of the Year Awards 2006" - "Best Engine, 1-liter to 1.4-liter category", and "Best New Engine of 2006."