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The Department of Homeland Security doesn't consider some state IDs compliant under a security law, and it might not accept them from air travelers in 2016.

The agency says it was just there for a couple of days. But you will be surprised where else they've been

Drivers in Tennessee may have been alarmed by news reports claiming the Transportation Security Administration is starting to inspect drivers on Tennessee highways, but the TSA says those stories are false.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a governmental agency tasked with securing all modes of transportation in the U.S., has noticed an increase of airline passengers traveling with airbags – yes, the government-mandated inflatable safety devices that reside in our vehicles to keep us from impacting the steering wheel, dashboard and side pillars in a crash. While airbags are pricey commodities on the secondary market in the States, they are worth even more overseas says the TS

When we look at Motor Trend magazine's golden calipers, we think of a prestigious trophy awarded each year to the publication's top car and truck of the year. Apparently, the Transportation Security Administration officials at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport see a weapon of mass destruction. Or something.

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