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Study: Auto industry second most-trusted behind Tech

According to The Car Connection, a new study has found that the automotive industry is the second most trusted business in the world just behind technology. The research was conducted as part of the Edelman 2011 Trust Barometer and included results from 5,075 people in 23 countries. Each of the respondents were between 25 and 64 years old, held a college degree and were also in the top 25 percent of household income for their age group. Each participant was asked a series of questions concerning

TRUST successfully reorganized in Japan, GReddy in the U.S. churning along

This past September, Trust Co. LTD – the parent company of GReddy Performance Products in the U.S. – declared the Japanese equivalent of Chapter 11. According to a release from the aftermarket parts supplier, Trust has successfully completed the reorganization process (known in Japan as Minji-Saisei-Hou) and is hoping to be completely back on its feet within the next few months. <

UPDATE: Greddy in U.S. still good to go

In a follow-up to our previous post about Trust's bankruptcy filing in Japan earlier this week, GReddy – Trust's U.S. arm – has issued a press release (available after the jump) to assure Stateside consumers that all is well and operations will continue in the U.S. unabated.

Japanese tuning firm Trust/Greddy declares bankruptcy

UPDATE: Trust has declared the Japanese equivalent of C11, but GReddy in the U.S. is apparently in good shape. Read all the details in our update post

Sat nav leads driver and four rescue vehicles into the mud

England. Jolly Old. Coventry, to be exact. There resides a seriously bored driver going by the handle vennuth. Vennuth willfully ignored the cardinal rule of using nav systems: use your own judgement! It's always amusing when the navigation system gets confused and directs you up your neighbor's driveway when you're really trying to reach the Raccoon Lodge. Most of us would just chuckle at the idea of driving our vehicle up a path marked "Not Suitable For Motor Vehicles" despite the nav system u

Thinking Big: new law opens path for Toyota takeover of Subaru

Toyota has been eying a takeover of Fuji Heavy Industries – Subaru's parent company – for some time now. When General Motors ditched its 20 percent stake in Fuji back in October 2005, Toyota snapped up 8.7 percent and the two have been undertaking a series of joint ventures since.