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Few would argue that the Jaguar XF is a great looking car and those who have driven it admire its dynamic characteristics. Unfortunately, as soon as you get in and press the start button, you can't help but wonder if the disastrous quality reputation that British cars have seemingly carefully nurtured for decades will afflict this car as well. The gear selector knob that rises out of the center console and the vents that roll over to expose themselves seem like bits that are destined to fail in

In the recently released 2006 Annual Car Reliability Survey by Consumer Reports, seven models from Mercedes-Benz were rated as Least Reliable. The last generation S-Class, CLS, E-Class, SL, CLK, V6 SLK and the M-Class SUV were all ranked least reliable based on the Consumer Reports survey comprised of responses from 1.3 million of the magazine's subscribers. A Mercedes spokesperson blames the brand's poor performance on a couple of issues that include brake dust on high performance stoppers (tha

Michael Karesh is trying to outdo the EPA. We often refer to the EPA's miles per gallon rating for cars not because they are incredibly accurate (they're not) but because they offer us some sort of standard to make comparisons with. Karesh, through his site TrueDelta, is trying to get a mpg rating for different makes and models that reflects real-world use. This means figuring in things like air conditioner use, traffic, landscape and more, factors the EPA eschews. He's doing this by asking user

With the Toyota Camry Hybrid's lineage (Toyota hybrid technology, Camry styling), it seems like it could be an ideal car for a lot of people. But it's not for one reviewer over at epinions. Mkaresh has written over 400 reviews for epinions (of cars and tires and related items) and so knows his stuff. He certainly knows he doesn't like the Camry hybrid. He found it lacking compared to the Lexus ES 350 he drove the same day, and lacking overall in punch and looks. The shift from the electric to ga