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The truck's trailer was ripped open after a crash caused by careless driving

The truck's trailer was ripped open after a crash caused by careless driving.

The Florida Highway Patrol released a video this week showing a truck driver looking at his phone moments before he drove his truck off a highway overpass.

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Police say this crash just doesn't make cents.

Commuters around New Castle, Delaware got a nasty surprise this morning when they discovered northbound I-95 was closed due to a truck crash that buried the freeway in pennies.

In a stunning display of every-day heroism, a group of motorists ran to the rescue of a woman trapped in a burning wreck after a ten-car pileup in Binghamton, New York.

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This bridge in Durham, North Carolina has destroyed trucks by the hundreds.


The East Street Railroad Bridge in Westwood, MA, loves to destroy the roofs of truck when drivers think that they can make it under. The span has caught out many inattentive people over the years.


Just last week, we wondered how lucky a driver could get after we watched a tractor trailer get airborne and burst into flames after being run off the road, but one newspaper delivery driver in Boston had luck on his side, too. Early Monday morning, 25-year-old Vevencia Bellgarde was allegedly drunk driving when her Cadillac swerved into another lane forcing a Boston Globe delivery truck off the road. The whole incident was caught on video by a traffic camera. The mangled mess you see above is t


Dash cams have caught some pretty amazing events on camera, as the unforgettable sights of the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia proved in February. As another example, a trucker driving through Greensburg, Indiana, had his dash cam rolling when another semi truck caught major air over a freeway before crashing down in a ball of flames. (Some understandably foul language makes the video Not Safe For Work, so be sure to turn the volume down if you don't have headphones.) Fortunately,

A truck driver happened to see an accident and saved a man's life

A man in the right place at the right time – and with the right truck – saved a crash victim's life in Stillwater, Minn. Scott Rosenberg was driving a heavy-duty construction truck when he saw a pickup upside down in a nearby pond. Rosenberg and two other people jumped into action.


Collectively, the Autoblog staff has its fair share of two-wheeled close calls, but the gentleman in the video below takes the cake for skin-of-your-teeth escapes. While sitting at an intersection waiting for a stop light to change, a semi truck takes a hard left turn in front of him and soon topples onto its side mere feet from the biker's front tire. While the video doesn't have any audio to go with its images, we imagine the noise of that big metal box falling over could only be rivaled by th

This bridge decapitates enough trucks to warrant the devotion of an entire website

But, at only 11-feet, 8-inches high, a rail bridge in Durham, North Carolina has been rammed into by so many trucks that the railroad company had to specifically install a crash beam made out of reinforced steel simply to stop the tracks from being damaged so much. And the crash beam has already had to be replaced.


The grainy image above is a shot from a video taken just seconds before a truck barreled into a crowd during an off-road racing event in Harrisburg, Ore. on Saturday. With about 1,000 people in attendance at Monster Air 2012, this jacked-up 1970s Ford pickup lost control and veered off course into the nearby crowd injuring three adults.