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Full-size SUVs from GM to get lighter

Click above for more high-res shots of the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

Nissan 3rd Japanese automaker to shift truck production to cars

Following the lead of Japan's other two big-time automakers, Toyota and Honda, Nissan has just announced that it too will be cutting truck production to focus on cars. At its Canton, Mississippi plant, Nissan will cut in half

New Use #101 for Unsold Full-Size Trucks: Birds Nest

If there were any doubt left that the gas-guzzling truck market was laying an egg, we have proof that it's ready to hatch two. A truck market-savvy bird has declared a lifted, red 2008 F-150 as its new home, and the feathered creature left two eggs on the truck's cowl as proof of residence. The avianic animal likely chose to put its nest at the base of the windshield of a j

The end is nigh? Camry outsold Silverado in April, gunning for F-Series

Could the reign of Ford's F-Series atop the sales charts in the U.S. come to an end? Some believe that it could indeed happen, and it's not even another pickup truck that is threatening the Blue Oval's bread-and-butter full-size pickup, it's the Toyota Camry. Let that sink in for a moment... alright, let's continue. The Camry already posted better sales numbers than the Chevy Silverado, the perennial second-best seller to th

Get 'em while they're not hot! Dodge Rams going for $13k below MSRP

A tight credit market, slumping construction, an economy on bed rest, an end-of-model year, and high gas prices mean one thing for pickup trucks: lots of brand new trucks waiting for buyers. Dealers trying to shift their 2008 Dodge Rams before the 2009s arrive are taking as much as $13,000 off the bill to try and convince buyers to come forth. That means you can get a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab SLT 4x2 for $19,995, instead of $32,795.

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