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With the arrival of spring, many of us have been busy preparing our gardens for the upcoming growing season. The soil needs to be tilled, fertilized and well hoed to ensure a bumper crop. And speaking of bumpers, the folks over at AFS Trinity have been polishing theirs (you see what I did right there?), getting ready for an epic cross country trip from the gritty streets of San Francisco to the gleaming metropolis of Washington. With their D.C. arrival to correspond with that of Earth Day, they

One of the technologies that will be covered at next week's EVS23 in Anaheim will be a prototype minibus that is powered by a tribrid system (that is, the bus uses hydrogen fuel cells, lead acid batteries and ultracapacitors). The bus project is managed by Jonathan Williams at the University of Glamorgan, and he recently spoke to AutoblogGreen for our latest podcast. Here is the transcript of our conversation. There is also a press release on the bus at the end of the Q&A.