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Volkswagen has been down this road before with the Jetta Trek back in the late '90s. This time, though, they're putting a green spin on it. Lime, to be exact. Chi-town Volkswagen dealers are giving buyers a bicycle and roof rack for the next month. The premise is that the dealer will encourage you to take your bike on quick, short-distance jaunts. Not driving a car at all by riding a bike is super effective at reducing fuel consumption, gridlock, and CO2 emissions. Biking is also way cheaper tha

Though the Panamericana 2006 drivers won’t be stuffed as tight in their biodiesel-powered VW Touaregs as those MINI Cooper drivers in their trek from South Africa to England, they still won’t have it easy as they head from Deadhorse, Alaska to the tip of South America in 15 days. According to sibling site AutoblogGreen, the nine-member, three-SUV fleet will drive 24/7, each driver taking five-hour shifts behind the wheel. The journey, which is meant to promote biodiesel, is documente