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Uber's Travis Kalanick reportedly saw violence against taxi drivers as a tool for growth

And the company ran a 'kill switch' to wipe its computers and thwart regulators

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns from ride-hailing giant's board

'It seems like the right moment for me to focus on my current business and philanthropic pursuits'

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is resigning from the board of directors, severing ties with the ride-hailing company that he co-founded a decade ago and ran until a series of scandals led to his downfall. Kalanick recently sold more than $2.5 billion worth of stock in the company, or more than 90% of his holdings. Uber under Kalanick grew with incredible speed, but like a number of other tech startups, it ran into trouble with a corporate culture that appeared at times to be spinning out of c

Uber's Kalanick sells 21% of his stake after share lockup expires

He still owns shares worth more than $2 billion

Shares of Uber hit a record low of $25.58 on Wednesday, when trading restrictions on majority of the company's 1.7 billion outstanding shares were lifted. The San Francisco-based company's shares were down 2.2% at $26.44 in morning trade on Monday.

Kalanick to make $1.4 billion from Uber's deal with SoftBank

Kalanick owns 10 percent of Uber, which will earn him about $1.4 billion in this sale.

SoftBank buys big chunk of Uber, a deal that changes how the company is run

Cash infusion, and a new board intended to limit Travis Kalanick's power

New board will limit the power still wielded by Travis Kalanick

Regulators circle Uber as data-breach details emerge

Security chief fired; board investigated hack, but when?

"There is no question that the previous management and security team at Uber failed in their responsibility to their drivers, to regulators, to justice and above all to customers. That's a pretty long list."

Another Uber scandal: It hid massive data breach of 57 million users

New CEO says he only recently learned of the hack

New CEO Dara Khosrowshahi inherits yet another scandal from Uber founder Travis Kalanick.

Uber signs an investment deal limiting its former CEO

Travis Kalanick will still have some influence, but he won't retake the throne.

Susan Fowler’s Uber harassment story is being made into a movie

She's helping to develop the movie, too.

For many women in Silicon Valley, Fowler's blog post was the shot heard around the world.

Uber's Kalanick reignites power struggle, names two to board

The appointments were a "complete surprise" to Uber and its board

No more 'tech bro': Uber's CEO choice is a 'focused, disciplined adult'

He's a guy who "can bring order to chaos" — so how will he and Travis Kalanick get along?

He's a guy who "can bring order to chaos" — so how will he and Travis Kalanick get along?

Uber picks Expedia's Dara Khosrowshahi as new CEO

He's helped make Expedia a leader in another industry full of change and competition

Uber favors former GE leader as its next CEO

Uber's board is expected to vote on a new CEO within two weeks.

Short Circuit: Green news roundup | Formula E support series, Tesla “tiny house”

Take a quick lap around the web with us for bite-sized briefings on (ahem) current events.

Here's what else is happening in the green car world.

Benchmark sues former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

It could put his board seat in jeopardy.

Uber says it never told self-driving car exec to take Waymo files

He told Travis Kalanick he had 'found' five CDs filled with information.

Instead, Anthony Levandowski told Travis Kalanick he had "found" five CDs with Waymo information.

Ex-Uber CEO Kalanick knew about stolen Waymo files, lawyers say

Those files are pertinent to an ongoing patent lawsuit over autonomous technology between Uber and Google's former autonomous car unit now known as Waymo.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns under investor pressure

The 40-year-old's pugnacious style defined Uber's approach and helped it become a transportation colossus valued at $68 billion

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