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It looks like BMW is set to put the Mini back in minivan, with an enlarged version of its Countryman crossover.


If you thought Mini had strayed far from its raison d'être with the Countryman crossover, consider the following: while the original Mini was diminutive in size, it was all about maximizing interior volume against a compact exterior shape – a ratio, if you will, of cabin size to overall dimensions. The rumored upcoming Mini minivan, then, might seem like another step too far for the brand, but could very much fit the bill in its size-bending capacity.

As we told you back in January, the new MINI Clubman wagon will be debuting in September in Frankfurt. We also reported that the U.S. version should be shown in Detroit next year. What we didn't know was that the car will be going on sale in Europe in early 2008. That's the latest bit of info we just received via Inside Line. MINI will be offering the Clubman in exclusive colors, including Java Grey, Sand Glow and Hot Chocolate, the latter being the Clubman's launch color. Expect more details ab

Though the gaggle of MINI concepts preceding the brand's next long-wheelbase model have worn some variation of the Traveller moniker, we've known since last August the chances that name would be used for the production model were slim. Faced with the prospect of a prolonged copyright battle to obtain use of the name, MINI has decided to instead call its next model the Clubman, another name with ties to MINIs of yesteryear. BMW and MINI likely still had to gain approval to use "Clubman" from Hond

For those of you interested in the impending reveal of MINI's stretched hatch, Motoring File has the goods on what debuts are coming over the next couple of years. For those of you who aren't, feel free to waste some time here.

The MINI Traveller, or as it should now be officially called, the Clubman, has been revealed to us in concept form as well as heavily camouflaged spy pics, but these new spy shots found on The Car Connection reveal a completely undisguised mule undergoing testing. Sporting a wheelbase probably longer than the original MINI itself, the Traveller adds at least a foot to the length of the standard MINI. Rear passengers will be able to access their seats through a rear-hinged suicide door on the pas

The MINI Traveller has finally arrived, and we are shutting off the "No Vacancy" sign. OK, so the car will officially be called the Clubman when it arrives in dealerships "in the next three years." Traveller has been deemed too protected to legally secure for use here. But as William Shakespeare once said, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other word would smell as sweet."

MotoringFile is reporting that MINI will be dropping the Traveller name for its upcoming long-wheelbase version of its iconic small car in favor of 'Clubman'. Several sources have told the site that a mess of copyright issues with the Traveller name provoked the switch, and while the MINI crew still needs to gain approval in order to use the Clubman badge (Honda owns the Clubman name in Japan), the effort will be small potatoes compared to what would've been required to legally use their first c