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A car that is sitting still with the engine running is getting zero miles per gallon, no matter how efficient the aerodynamics or how great the hybrid powertrain is. Spread out over the entire U.S., all those zero mile per gallon situations – i.e. traffic jams – means Americans are wasting 1.9 billion gallons of gasoline a year, according to a new Treasury Department report. Another way to look at that is that congested roads cost Americans over $100 billion a year (calculated both a

Automakers have long tried to reduce the cost of parts by sourcing more items from suppliers in low cost countries. Until now, the cheap labor overseas was enough of a savings to cover the cost of shipping parts back to North America. But, the increased cost of fuel means that it suddenly costs a lot more to send components from places like China, India and elsewhere to the U.S. GM VP of Purchasing Bo Andersson has said the company will look on a case by case basis at sourcing suppliers closer