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Transport Canada to implement speed limiting device

In an effort to thwart habitual speeding, Transport Canada has developed a new system that can make exceeding posted limits difficult or impossible. The device utilizes GPS and a speed limit map coupled with technology that caps a vehicle's top speed based on the legal speed of the road being traveled. Once the vehicle arrives at the predetermined speed limit, th

More details on how ZENN received safety mark from Transport Canada

Recently we told you about Transport Canada's sudden shift to give Zenn's low speed electric vehicles a safety mark. Here is how it all happened according to the CBC; After the TV report, which included

Canada is killing the electric car

Canadian-based Dynasty electric cars is ending production in Canada and moving over seas. Very soon Canadian-based electric car company Zenn may choose to give up on Canada and move production as well. Why? The Canadian dollar reaching parity with the US dollar did not help much (imports from C

Canadian government buying converted EVs for evaluation

The Canadian transport ministry is buying electric vehicles converted by Hybrid Technologies, Inc for testing and evaluation. Hybrid Technologies will convert a Chrysler PT Cruiser and a Smart ForTwo to be powered by electric motors and lithium batteries. The cars are part of the Advanced Technology Vehicles Program and they will be tested to evaluate efficiency, emissions and safety of the systems. By using these types of vehicles, the transport