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Shorter yellow lights means more revenue and less safe roads for state and local municipalities

In Tampa Bay a special investigation from WTSP 10 News has uncovered a systematic statewide scam to shorten yellow lights, in some areas doubling the amount of tickets issued at intersections.

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Finding the nexus where different groups – hardcore environmentalists and hardcore business-firsters, for example – share common ground isn't always easy. Today, we think we've got one: smarter, greener transportation systems.

As I spent several days in Los Angeles, CA last week I came to several realizations. First I never want to live there. While air quality has dramatically improved since the 1960s, the geography of the region means that it will never be as good as other places. Since the 1960s, California politicians and regulators have continually tightened emissions standards to the point where more than 99 percent of the pollution produced by cars and trucks in those days has been eliminated, and yet they want

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