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A hot red Porsche Cayenne SUV driven by Ukraine's number two traffic cop from the elite "Kobra" division swerves it way through heavy traffic on one of the more fashionable boulevards of Kiev. With eight lanes and little movement the impatient driver cuts off a high level politician in his black Toyota Landcruiser SUV. The politician accelerates and attempts to halt the Porsche but receives only "the finger" for his efforts. Well, that and the license plate number which is eventually tracked dow

Cars braking up ahead and full roads were recently pegged by mathematicians at the Universities of Exeter (in England), Bristol and Budapest, as two main causes of traffic jams. Reuters is reporting on research at the University of Utah's Traffic Lab that will add another item to the list: cell phones.

If you sit in a some gridlock this holiday season, you might come to the end of the line of cars and realize, hey, there's nothing there. No accident, no police on the shoulder, just a bunch of cars that aren't getting where they want to go. Over at the Universities of Exeter (in England), Bristol and Budapest, mathematicians now think they've figured out why this happens (and wastes lots of gasoline in the process).