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Going directly downwind faster than wind, Blackbird again breaks records

Once again, reports are out about a vehicle powered solely by the wind that can outrun the wind. And once again, we expect continued debates on the subject.

REPORT: Lawyer Tracy withdraws lawsuits against Toyota

Remember the case of Dimitrios Biller versus Toyota? The lawyer and former Toyota employee accused the Japanese automaker of withholding evidence in rollover crashes and claimed to have boxes full of evidence that would make his case.

California town giving away $500 gift cards to buy cars

If we knew of a place where you can get a car cheaper than anywhere else, you'd want us to tell you, right? Well, the small town of Tracy, CA is that place. The municipality is giving away 800 $500 gift certificates to any one of the city's car dealerships and the dealers apparently love the program. Sales in the region are down 50% versus previous years, and a Volkswagen store has already closed, and a Cadillac/Pontiac/GMC store is set to follow suit at the end of this month.

Group bans drifting at Altamont Motorsport Park, hypocrisy ensues

Yesterday, we got an impassioned plea from AB reader Ray about the upcoming hearing at the Alameda County Administration Building, where efforts to ban both drifting and overnight camping at the historic Altamont Motorsports Park are underway.