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Two Teen Boys Cling To Back Of Tractor Trailer On Freeway

Police say no one called them about the stunt

During an afternoon commute on I-93 in Massachusetts, two teenage boys were spotted clinging to the back of a tractor trailer. The pair didn't seem too concerned as they traveled at highway speeds.

Congress considering higher weight limits for interstate trucks

This fall, Congress will consider modifying 36-year old regulation that would increase the weight limit for trucks on interstate highways by 8.5 tons. According to The Wall Street Journal, the increase from 80,000 pounds to 97,000 pounds is being pushed by a coalition of over 150 companies that move products around the country and across the nation's roads. The official rationale for the change is to cut fuel consumption and emissions, as the current legislation requires trucks carrying

Why a boat-tail semi isn't as silly as it might sound

Sure, a six-foot protrusion sticking off the rear end of any vehicle is kinda funny looking. Unless we're talking about a Porsche 917/30 or a Plymouth Superbird. Those cars have some very fine rear extensions. Okay, fine – a six-foot protrusion looks a little bit weird when growing out of a semi-truck's rear. Happy?

Cleanup on I-80: Oreo spill snarls traffic in IL

Snacks should be readily available for crews cleaning up an overturned tractor trailer 50 miles south of Chicago on Interstate 80. The rig in question was hauling fourteen tons of Oreo cookies, and when it tipped, the trailer's roof ripped open, spilling cases of the cookies onto the median. As you can see in the video we've embedded after the jump, a traffic backup thicker than a Doub

Build your own big rig: International launches configurator for LoneStar

Truckers are like motorcycle riders in the way that they invariably customize their rides. It's probably just as challenging to find a bone stock tractor as it is an unembellished Fat Boy. When you're plying the roads as much as the big rigs do, why not have some fun and stand apart from the rest of the crowd and their mudflaps decorated with conformist chrome silhouettes of questionable taste? International's new LoneStar truck will be factory trickable with a new line of Navistar accessories c

Wheeled Spaceship - Volvo BeeVan concept

They're going to have to change the name of this thing to NCC-1701, because piloting it will definitely make you feel like you're boldly going where no one's gone before. As part of the Michelin Design Challenge competition, Volvo has revised the design of the the traditional big-rig tractor. Serious thought was given to improving driver safety and some semi-radical changes to convention were made. The driver is front and center in the cab, just like F1 cars. The central seating position gives a