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TheDetroitBureau.com reports Toyota has retaken the global sales crown. The Japanese automaker turned out 9.75 million vehicles last year, putting it just ahead of General Motors, with 9.29 million vehicles. Volkswagen, meanwhile, filled out the podium by building 9.1 million units in 2012.

According to a Reuters report, the Japanese government and several of the country's largest manufacturers are joining forces to rescue troubled electronics manufacturer Renesas Electronics. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Panasonic, Canon and Denso are set to contribute a combined $637.9 million to a $2.55 billion deal that will see the group gain control of the company. Robert Bosch GmbH is also considering investing in the electronics manufacturer.

Although Toyota is the undisputed leader in hybrid sales, it has shied away from offering E85-capable vehicles in the United States. In other markets, though, where ethanol is widely available and popular, such as Brazil, Toyota has seen fit to offer vehicles which are able to run on the alcohol fuel. Just-Auto reports that Thailand might be the next market where Toyota could begin offering E85-capable vehicles, citing The Nation newspaper in Thailand. The decision to offer ethanol-capable vehic

Every so often we hear a tale of an engineer driving a development mule in public who just goes nuts. Most of the time it's triggered by a photographer taking pictures of the Top Secret car he's driving, at which point the engineer freaks and attempts to kill the offending snapper via vehicular homicide. It happened to our buddy Chris Doane last summer when a Ford engineer tried to flatten him with an F-250 mule. This time a group of Toyota engineers driving an IS 350 chase vehicle, RX hybrid de

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