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Report: Toyota settles lawsuit tied to crash that triggered recalls

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Report: Preliminary round ruling against Toyota says safety evidence was hidden

Toyota has run into some trouble in a lawsuit against a former employee. An independent arbitrator has found that the automaker can't bar the release of certain documents by claiming attorney-client privilege in a countersuit by Dimitrios Biller.

Report: Toyota was aware of unintended acceleration claims by 2003, says lawsuit

According to The Washington Post, attorneys working on a class-action lawsuit against Toyota claim that the company has known about issues of unintended acceleration in its vehicles since as early as 2003. The lawyers have reportedly discovered a field report written seven years ago by a technician that outlined an instance of unintended acceleration. The report allegedly called for immediate action due to how dangerous the problem cou

Reuters: Unified Toyota lawsuits set in motion by judge

According to Reuters, a federal judge has consolidated the majority of lawsuits filed against Toyota involving unintended acceleration. Over 100 such suits have been bundled together by U.S. District Judge James Selna, and temporary lead counsel has been chosen for both sides of the case. Expect a star-studded cast to show up for

Report: Federal panel to weigh consolidation and location of Toyota lawsuits

There have been more than 80 lawsuits filed against Toyota in America alone since the Japanese company's Dark Days began. A group of attorneys, representing personal and commercial clients for claims ranging from death to loss of resale value, will argue before a federal panel to have the suits consolidated into less than four score.

Toyota being sued by shareholders for lying about its business

Last Friday, Toyota's stock closed at $79.56. That represents a 12-percent drop in market capitalization. For those keeping track, that's a loss of $15 billion. Naturally, there are a number of none-too-pleased shareholders hanging on to their stock in the Japanese automaker.

Toyota being sued for full refund of recalled vehicles

"When we talked with Toyota owners, they all voiced the same desire – to drive the car back to the lot, hand them the keys and pick up a check." So says Steve Berman, a lawyer from Seattle who has filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota on behalf of "dozens" of owners in Arizona and Washington. Fat chance, right?

Report: California prosecutor sues Toyota, alleges automaker ignored defects

The hits keep on coming for Toyota, with reports of unintended acceleration multiplying like rabbits with aphrodisiacs and grandstanding of all sorts going on at every level. Orange County, California District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has added another layer to the cake with a lawsuit alleging Toyota sold cars it knew had problems.

REPORT: Toyota seeks to have latest Paice lawsuit dismissed

2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

Toyota's long hybrid patent fight with Paice continues in court

2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Judge orders Toyota not to not destroy car crash information

According to Bloomberg, Toyota has been ordered by Texas Judge T. John Ward no to destroy any of its crash data, and research projects related to product liability or crashworthiness. The temporary restraining order, which is in effect until after a October 7 hearing (at which it will be determine if the order should be extended), stems from allegations from former Toyota lawyer Dimitrios Biller that the Japanese automaker Chris Shunk

Solomon Tech's appeal in Toyota hybrid patent case denied

As we recently wrote, Toyota has been ordered to pay the very hefty sum of $4.3 million to Paice LLC for patent infringement related to its Hybrid Synergy Drive. At that time, we mentioned that Solomon Technologies had also sued Toyota regarding its hybrid vehicle technology and was appealin