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Another RAV4 EV is up on eBay. The last time one of these rare fully electric cars was put up on the auction block it sold for nearly $70,000. It was a 2002 with less than 50,000 miles on it. This time it's a 2003 model. The 2003 was stripped of a few perks. No heated front seats, and no heated front windshield for defrosting. But the battery was said to be improved for the last model year the car was made. And the car being sold has shown its chops; it already has over 125,000 miles on the orig

Looks like fluffytheleopard (seller rating: 0) saw the possibility of big cash when that 2001 Toyota REV4 EV sold for a record $89,200 on eBay the other day. Actually, the record price in that sale turned out to be a bit of a problem for the high bidder, about which we'll have more later today. Still, after a few months with nary a RAV4 EV on the internet auction site, a second all-electric vehicle is currently on the block. And fluffytheleopard is hoping his or her RAV4 EV with 60,000 miles on