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Apparently, it's like a Monet: the Toyota iQ at the Royal College of Art

When Toyota revealed the tiny city car called the iQ back in March, we were struck by its looks, but didn't think of putting one on display in one of these rooms where everything echoes. But, thanks to a new partnership between Toyota and the Royal College of Art, the iQ has indeed made it from the expo floor to the art gallery. Toyota and the RCA apparently believe that the "revolutionary new iQ is to provide t

Toyota iQ passes the Edmunds road test

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Toyota believes it has higher iQ

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Spy Shots: Toyota iQ prototype spotted in the wild

Toyota's entry in the growing micro-car segment, the iQ, has been caught testing on the road for the first time. The diminutive iQ was first shown as a concept at last fall's Frankfurt Motor Show and then in production form at Geneva this year.

Geneva 2008: Photos of just about everything

Pininfarina Sintesi, the Th!nk Ox, the KTM X-Bow, the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans, the

Geneva '08: The 3+1 seat Toyota iQ

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