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In late September, a Toyota fuel cell vehicle based on the previous generation Highlander SUV ran 347 miles from Osaka to Tokyo on a single hydrogen fill up. To date the company still hasn't given much detail about the vehicle configuration such as the fuel capacity but we may find out more in a couple of weeks. At their Los Angeles Auto Show press conference, Toyota will be making what they are terming a "major" announcement about their fuel cell program. No other information is available right

Apparently not content to let General Motors and Ford grab all the fuel cell glory, Toyota has leapfrogged General Motors' 300-mile Sequel ride by making a 347-mile trip with their FCHV fuel cell vehicle. The FCHV is a modified version of the previous generation Highlander equipped with Toyota's in-house-developed fuel cell stack. Toyota says they have improved the fuel efficiency of their fuel cell power-train by refining the design of their stack and improving the control software for the stac