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In 26 years, from 1988 up to now, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky plant in Georgetown has built ten million vehicles - nearly enough for every citizen of Seoul, Korea or the nation of Hungary. The first car to roll off the line back when the claymation California Raisins were singing old Marvin Gaye hits and everybody wanted to know Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was a white Camry. The ten-millionth car to roll off the line among the Avalons and Venzas also produced there: a white Camry Hybrid

When news of Toyota's recent recall woes began spreading across the U.S., many loyal customers were shocked at what they were hearing. But some customers that were experiencing the very issues that lead to those recalls were likely less surprised, as tales of poor and frustrating customer service showed that Toyota may not have always acted in the best interests of its customers. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda is looking to eliminate the bad behaviors and inefficient processes that put Toyota in this un