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2020 Toyota Prius Prime adds fifth seat and Apple CarPlay

The fuel mileage remains the same, but the price increases slightly

The fuel mileage remains the same, but the price increases slightly.

Subaru PHEV coming later this year using Toyota Prius Prime tech

Plug-in hybrid hasn't been identified, but it could be Crosstrek or Forester

Subaru plans to release an all-wheel drive PHEV this year based on a current model, using some hybrid internals from the Toyota Prius Prime.

First Drive
2018 Kia Niro PHEV First Drive Review | Embracing the new normal

Low-key PHEV is another veiled threat to Prius loyalists.

It's a low-key PHEV.

Quick Spin
2017 Toyota Prius Prime Quick Spin | Homeliness and half-measures

There's part of the Prius Prime experience worth loving.

It's a decent drive, for 25 miles.

Prius plug-in drivers in Japan can earn real-world rewards for electric driving

OMG, Power Up IRL!

Because saving money on gas just wasn't incentive enough.

Which of these five plug-ins should win the 2017 Green Car of the Year?

All five finalists are plug-in vehicles this year.

Could a minivan take it all?

Toyota jumping into electric vehicle mass production by 2020

Plan coincides with 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Toyota joins the EV development rush.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime starts at $27,100 for 25 EV miles and 54 MPG

Oh, and you might get $4,500 back from the feds, too.

These numbers add up.

First Drive
Seriously better | 2017 Toyota Prius Prime First Drive

If you want a Prius, this is the one to get.

Power is good. Dual power sources are better.

Toyota: Every future Prius might be a plug-in hybrid

Instead of simply improving gas-electric tech, the answer may lie in plugs.

If you think the Prime is a big advancement for Toyota, you're not alone.

Watch the giant touchscreen in the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime in action

This is the biggest touchscreen Toyota has ever made.

Not quite an iPad, but more than ever before.

Toyota taps Blade Runner and Tron visionary to design Prius VR experience

Syd Mead lends his future-looking talents for Toyota VR.

Toyota Prius Plug-In delayed for Japanese market

The North American market is still on pace for a late autumn debut.

Toyota is reducing initial production of the Japanese market Prius PHV – North America's Prius Prime – and delaying its introduction from fall to winter.

A 5-seat Toyota Prius Prime is on the way

No timeline, but a target has been set.

The chief engineer of the Toyota Prius tells us that a five-seat version of the Prime PHEV is something he's working on. But he won't say when it might arrive.

First Drive
2017 Toyota Prius Prime Prototype First Drive

Finally, Toyota realizes that electric drive is powerful.

With the upcoming Prius Prime, Toyota is increasing the car's all-electric range compared to the earlier Prius Plug-In. Will it be enough?

The Toyota Prius's roof-mounted solar panel isn't coming to the US

At least not yet.

The option will miss the US-market Prius Prime because it won't meet safety regulations.

The Toyota Prius Prime is the way it is because people complained

Toyota engineers listened to what you did and didn't like about the first Prius Plug In.

As they developed the Prius Prime, Toyota engineers took customer and driver feedback into account. 22 miles of EV range and 120 MPGe are the result.

New York
Toyota Prius Prime plugs in with 22 EV miles

New 8.8-kWh battery will double electric range, but that's still not a lot.

Toyota dropped the Prius Prime into the New York show mix today, joining the ranks of the mid-level PHEVs with its 22-mile electric range.

What's this about a Toyota Prius Prime trademark?

Toyota has filed for a trademark in the US for the Prius Prime, but the documents give no hints as to what the vehicle might be.