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New York

We hope it drives just as well

Quick, what was Toyota's best-selling vehicle in America last year? If you said Camry or Corolla, you were close, but in fact it was the RAV4. It sold over 400,000 units last year, topping the next best-selling Camry by about 20,000 cars. And this was despite the fact that the current RAV4 is roughly 5 years old, and the Camry was completely redesigned, and improved, last year. That makes the RAV4 monumentally important to the Japanese carmaker. Thankfully, though, instead of playing it safe and

New York

Look for a far more rugged design in Toyota's bestseller

All we have is spy photos and a teaser image.

Los Angeles

It’s image over capability. And frankly, that’s OK.

The new Toyota FT-AC concept borrows some of the FT-4X's novelty without quite the same amount of charisma.


It's the second FT concept this year

Toyota really seems interested in a new off-roader.