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Next-Generation Toyota Avensis Touring Car previewed in sketches

Toyota Avensis Next Generation Touring Car – Click above for high-res sketches

Porsche Panamera touring car is victorious, proves mass is no object [w/video]

N.Technology Porsche Panamera touring car – Click above to watch video after the jump

Porsche Panamera touring car headed to Italian series

The cynical among us learned long ago that life just isn't fair. Those still holding out hope, however, can look to the European touring car championships for cold, hard evidence. While Americans are stuck with NASCAR and their "Car of Tomorrow", Europeans get to watch machines like DTM Audis, Bel

Jaguar XF touring car headed for Belgian series

Sometimes we can't help but lament the relative lack of touring car racing in North America. Sure, there are a handful of series, but they don't enjoy nearly the popularity that they do overseas, including in England (BTCC), Europe (WTCC) and Australia (V8 Supercars). Even the Belgian Touring Car Series is looking increasingly appetizing with some of the latest entries to join the field.

With F1 behind it, BMW planning return to DTM in 2012

BMW M3 GT2 in ALMS – Click above for high-res image gallery

Video: Chevrolet Cruze WTTC entry gets the time-lapse build treatment

Chevrolet Cruze WTCC Build – Click above to watch the time-lapse video

Kia Soul Safety Car debuts for USTCC series

GoGo Gear Soul, USTCC Safety Car – Click above to enlarge

AmD Milltek Racing brings the Volkswagen Golf back to the British Touring Car Championship

AmD Milltek Racing Volkswagen Golf touring car – Click above for image gallery

DTM cars to run in Japan's SuperGT series?

Germany's DTM series is presently contested by just two automakers, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. In an effort to increase manufacturer participation, global reach, and television audiences, Autosport reports that DTM's overseers to be talking to Japan's Super GT series organizers about a tie-

REPORT: World Touring Car Championship eyeing race in the U.S.

Chevrolet Cruze WTCC - Click above image for high-res gallery

More on the Chevy WTCC Concept

More information came from on high this morning about Chevrolet's WTCC Concept. The vehicle, which Chevy's Executive Director of Design in Europe and Asia calls, "a Chevrolet muscle car reinvented for Europe," pulls design cues from its current touring car siblings and takes a good look into the future.