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Food prices rise; that's just a truth of contemporary life. For some people, there's a debate on whether prices for things like tortillas are affected by so much corn going to make ethanol (but not all of that is food-grade). US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns is urging people to think about the whole picture before blaming corn ethanol for recent price increases. Part of the bigger picture is an increase in the price of diesel fuel, Johanns said. "What's a significant piece of the food chain

The corn for fuel or food argument is hitting home for many people in Mexico. According to Z Mag, tortilla prices in many regions of Mexico have jumped up by more than 50 percent, thanks to more and more corn going to feed ethanol production instead of people. Protests aimed at Felipe Calderon's government prompted him to negotiate a price cap of 8.5 pesos per kilogram for tortillas made by the largest manufacturers. Still, this is a 40 percent increase. In some regions, a kilogram of tortillas