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Consumer Reports names Top Picks for 2008

Koreans come on strong, a domestic makes it and Toyota nabs four

VIDEO: Autoblog goes behind the scenes at Consumer Reports

Another installment of Consumer Reports annual automotive issue is close at hand. The yearly car issue crowns Top Picks in a variety of categories as well as offering up some solid alternative choices. Last year, we had the opportunity to peek behind the curtain at CR's huge auto test facility in Connecticut, and we were psyched to find out there's real car guys behind all those filled-in circles. Here's a sample of what CR's crew is likely up to right now, expending a huge amount of labor on ca

Consumer Reports assembles an "All American" Top Picks list

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/business_finance/Consumer_Reports_assembles_an_All_American_Top_Picks_list'; While Consumer Reports' overall Top Picks for 2007 were a Japan-only affair, for the second year in a row, the magazine has compiled a "Top Picks - American Style" list on its Car Blog, in which only US nameplates are featured. The rationale behind this is to help shoppers who are set on buying a vehicle from an American marque only.

Autoblog Podcast #59

We apologize for the tardiness of Autoblog Podcast #59, as sometimes it's a devil to coordinate schedules. We managed to get our act together for this week though, and in episode 59, Dan Roth fills in for Damon Lavrinc, who's in Geneva. Alex and Dan recount their visit to the Consumer Reports track day, which provided insight into the organizations testing methods and showed that there are real car guys within the belly of the beast. A great time was had by all, and the CR folks were eminently g

Consumer Reports' 2006 Top Picks? 100% Japanese

In word that is sure to have U.S. and European auto executives reaching for their antacids, Consumer Reports magazine has unveiled their 2006 Top Picks. All ten are born of Japanese companies, with Honda occupying fully 50-percent of the list.