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One of the keys to saving fuel is being light. However, the latest technologies in safety and the array of power accessories we all have in our cars all add weight to our cars, hurting fuel economy while they make driving more comfortable and save lives. Of course, technology has helped us recover some fuel economy, but nothing beats a low scale presence to help make your car a fuel sipper. When you click after the jump, we'll show you a list of Europe's 15 lightest cars. They're all under the 1

As most of our readers probably know by now, the "green" credentials for a car in Europe are often based on how much CO2 the car produces. In fact, most of the new taxes applied to cars depend on this indicator, which is also connected to the car's fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is key for European consumers to know a car's CO2 figure. That makes this list from AutoNews of Germany's top 20 low-carbon cars. Included are many small displacement diesels, the two most famous hybrids on the roads, a