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KBB lists its "most researched" new cars and trucks in 2009

Kelley Blue Book's twenty most researched cars -- Click above for a high-res gallery

Top 20 efficient European gasoline-powered compact sedans

What?!? A list of European cars that does not include diesels? Crazy? Of course not. Although gasoline vehicles in Europe suffer from tough diesel competition, automakers still build them and are able to find plenty of buyers. While sales of compact sedans have taken a hit in recent years - replaced by sales of compact minivans and sport utes as the kings of family hauling - there's nothing like a classic sedan to enjoy your on the Autobahn or autoroute (hopefully Xavier Navarro

Imports dominate KBB "Most Searched" list. Again.

Click above for a gallery of the Top Ten Most Search vehicles on KBB

Germany's top 20 lowest CO2-emitting models

As most of our readers probably know by now, the "green" credentials for a car in Europe are often based on how much CO2 the car produces. In fact, most of the new taxes applied to cars depend on this indicator, which is also connected to the car's fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is key for European consumers to know a car's CO2 figure. That makes this list from AutoNews of Germany's top 20 low-carbon cars. Included are many small displacement diesels, the two most

Top 20 most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today

When we were brainstorming ideas for Earth Day posts, we thought about featuring the ten most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today. It turns out that there are at least twice as many green rides on the horizon that we'd really like to have today, so the list has expanded. We'd like to note that this list is far from complete; the green sector of the automotive industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Start Jeremy Korzeniewski