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Many of you know Richard Hammond from the very popular and amusing show about all things automotive from Britain called Top Gear. Did you know that he is also a columnist for the UK tabloid The Mirror? Neither did I, but apparently that is indeed the case and has been since 2004. On Fridays he "gives his expert insight into the world of motoring, while on Saturday he gives his own irreverent take on the week's news," according to the Mirror's website.

Prior to 2005, Top Gear blowhard Jeremy Clarkson was not a fan of diesel-powered cars. In fact, until July 2005 no diesel had ever turned a lap on the Top Gear test track. But then Jeremy met the BMW 535d. Although the 535d is a bit heavier than the gas version, Jezza found that it still comported itself remarkably well even on a wet track. The 535d didn't get quite as good mileage being thrashed on the track as it did in the ABG garage but that's to be expected. After Clarkson was done playing

If you've been paying any attention at all, you'll be aware that we hold the G-Wiz electric quadricycle in the same sort of "high" regard that Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson does. What more can be said about a "car" that implodes in a standard crash test and goes from naught to 40mph in "quite a while"? Apparently, the Top Gear crew felt that in spite of it's "sparkling" performance racing against a table (although it did come out much worse than the table in the crash test) there was still room

Our favorite British automotive blow-hard, one Jeremy Clarkson, is usually out to prove just how fast cars can go. During one episode of Top Gear he changed direction to see just how economically he could make the round trip from London to Edinburgh in an Audi A8 TDI. The A8 is equipped with a 4.2L twin turbo diesel V-8 that puts out 326hp and pushes the big A8 to 60 mph in 6 seconds. Under normal conditions, Audi says, the A8 will get about 17.5 mpg (U.S.). In order to make the trip on a single

For those of us who just can't get enough of Jeremy, James and the Hamster (and, of course, the Stig) there is now even more to be had. As the new season kicks off this weekend in Britain, (when do we get the new episodes here?) the Top Gear website will be adding a bunch of extra content on Monday mornings after the show airs on Blighty TV. Look for outtakes, new blogs from the presenters, and extra behind-the-scenes content. Apparently, the in-studio News segment is not usually accomplished in