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Top Gear: GT-R vs. Bullet train

Top Gear has turned its stellar production values loose on the GT-R. In the interest of compelling television, it's not just a review. In pursuit of hilariousness, May and Hamster set off on a bullet train to see if they can beat Clarkson to the final destination. It takes about the duration of the ride for Clarkson to figure out what half the buttons in the GT-R do, and May and Hammond don't have it any easier trying to communicate in Japanese to do simple things like figure out the train syste

Autoblog Podcast #99

Jeremy, Chris, and Dan push us right up to the cusp of three digits with Autoblog Podcast #99. The topics are wide and varied, such as motorcycles in the Autoblog Garage, the Acura NSX on the 'Ring, and Volkswagen's semi-bogus third-party fuel economy numbers. Some people thought last week's 'cast was too short, so this week, we fill an hour. Now for those of you who think this is too long, we really are trying to please everybody. See you next week for the epic extravaganza of Podcast #100. We'

VIDEO: First episode of Top Gear Season 11 is out!

After yet another incredibly long break, Clarkson, Hammond and May have returned for the 11th season of Top Gear. The first episode aired last night on the Beeb and, as expected, the entire show has been posted on YouTube, broken up into six different clips. Hit the jump to see the dynamic trio race an M3 against a Prius, introduce a new character into the lineup, create their own interpretations of the ideal police car, test the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and work their way through the "new

Top Gear season 11: More races, more hijinks, more Sabine and a new character

The 11th season of Top Gear is being shot and cut as you read this, and according to Executive Producer Andy Wilman, significant changes are afoot.