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Thanks to our comrades at Top Gear Russia, the trickling reveal of the Mazda3 sedan has begun. We saw the hatch in person in New York (and loved it), and we wanted to see if the trunked version could hold onto the same mojo. If you like the Mazda6, then you should like the Mazda3 because it takes just about everything from its toothsome big brother and shrinks it into a compact package.

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That's right, Top Gear Russia is on its way to thaw a looming Cold War II: Putin's Revenge. The official Top Gear site says that a 15-episode series could debut as early as the end of this year, though a suitable trio of comrades to host the newest addition to the brand's arsenal of international shows has yet to be found. The Russians have had their own localized version of Top Gear Magazine since 2004, so producers are hoping there'll be plenty of folks who are familiar with the show's mission