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Season 14 of Top Gear is nearly finished, and some fans are singing "The Thrill is Gone" where before the tune had been "You Are the Sunshine of My Life." The creators have heard the complaints and producer Andy Wilman doesn't disagree that something is different this time around.

Camera phones are turning into quite an asset in this business, as readers of various automotive news sites across the interwebs and around the world have turned into legions of spy photographers. In this instance, one such reader-turned-paparazzo (apparently in Italy, no less) caught on video what appears to be some sort of Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake test mule.

We've all heard our share of rumors about the true identity of the one called The Stig. But after our childhood notions of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were shattered, we prefer to keep the legend of the anonymous test driver from Top Gear alive. So we're not about to claim that The Stig is one of us – or is he? – but the enigmatic pilot recently tried his hand at blogging. Trouble is, as we already know, The Stig doesn't have opposable thumbs or speak (let alone