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Tom Brady, Aston Martin team up for special-edition Vanquish S

Only 12 will be built.

Bond isn't the only one to get Aston Martins from Q.

Malcolm Butler gets the MVP's Chevy Colorado

Rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler, widely credited with winning the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots, may not have been named MVP, but at least he got the truck - just as Tom Brady promised.

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady gives Chevy Colorado to Malcolm Butler [w/poll]

Voted the Most Valuable Player in the Super Bowl for the third time, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was handed the keys to a brand-new Chevy Colorado... and gave it to the guy who very well might have deserved it more.

Dodge debuts second 'How to build a...' Dart ad

Dodge has released a second smash-cut "How to..." ad for the new Dart. Just like the last one, its full of a whole lot of stuff coming at you at once.