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As you may have noticed when filling your tank, the plan for a gas tax holiday put forward by presidential candidates from both party brands, never came to fruition. The idea had been suspend an 18¢ per gallon federal tax on fuel from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Of course the fact that this would have saved average drivers a whopping $28 had little if anything to do with the lack of movement on bills from both Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton and Republican Sen. John McCain. It turns out the

If the goal is to incentivize people to use less petroleum does it really make sense to reduce the cost of that commodity? You have to give the Bush administration credit for consistency, at least, when it comes to wrongheaded thinking. The latest example of dubious policy directions comes from Transportation Secretary Mary Peters who is proposing that taxes on gasoline should be lowered and replaced by tolls or congestion charges. The problem with this idea is that unless the fees are tied to f