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Report: Toledo wants off-road playground on site of original Jeep plant

The Jeep Wrangler turns 71 next year, and the city of Toledo, Ohio wants to celebrate the anniversary. Well, let's back up a bit: the first iteration of the Willys MB was penned in 1940. That would turn into the first Jeep, produced in the company's Toledo factory, in 1941. And so next year is really considered the 70th anniversary of the Jeep Wrangler.

Another million-mile vehicle: '97 Ford E-250 set to roll its odo over

It's been a good run for million-plus-mile vehicles recently. In September, it was the gent with a million-mile 1989 Saab SPG, then in October it was another gent with a Volvo P1800 cruising past 2.6 million miles. The domestics opened up the 2008 race to a million three days ago with a Wisconsin man 1

Ethanol plant profits good for now, questionable down the road

OK, we finally have a post that offers a critical look at the mushrooming ethanol production plant trend. Jon Chavez, writing in the Toledo Blade, talks to a lot of industry folks and finds the general consensus to be that ethanol plant profits will be pretty good for the next few years, but after that it's going to be a rocky road.

Appalachian Ethanol. Another primer on the history of biofuels

Last week, I wrote a post about the long history of biodiesel and that the current hub-bub over biofuels is just the latest in a long journey from fuel made from plants to fuel made from petroleum and back again. Today, I’m happy to point out another substantial article - this time in the Toledo Blade - that looks at the history of biofuels, this time from the ethanol side of things in