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Are easy car title loans hurting the poor?

Auto title loans are big business in the US, but increasingly, those institutions offering them are facing accusations of predatory lending. With this type of loan, people receive money in exchange for their vehicle's title. The funds come quickly, but they can also come saddled with interest rates of over 100 percent, along with high fees. A recent report from The New York Times examines the practice to see how it is affecting low-income borrowers across the nation.

SEMA releases 50-state guide to help you tag and title your hobby car

Obtaining a legal title and registration is oftentimes one of the most difficult procedures custom car builders will face on the long road to getting their beloved hobby cars out of the garage and into the parking lot at the local Friday night car show.

Oregon State Police return a '40 Plymouth sedan stolen 21 years earlier

Browsing through eBay, it us quite common to come across an ad for an older car that is without a title. Before bidding on the item, perhaps it would be a good idea to make sure that the seller has the right to sell the car. Case in point: Bruce Rask of Rainier, Oregon just received his 1940 Plymouth sedan back 21 years after it was originally reported stolen. It is unclear where the car went after being stol

SPOILER ALERT: Ups and Downs at Brazilian GP season closer

The 2006 Formula One season came down to a nail-biting final race in Sao Paulo, Brazil today, as hometown hero Felipe Massa sailed to the checkered flag and reigning champion Fernando Alonso claimed his second consecutive title with a comfortable second place podium finish.