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Incorrect tire pressure is responsible for the production of an additional 18.4 metric tons of CO2 which end up in the atmosphere each year. This is one of the findings in a report by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and Bridgestone partnership. We can translate the figure in to wasted fuel as well: about 8 billion liters of fuel wasted per year. Moreover, 55 million tires per year are thrown away because of premature wear and tear due to incorrect pressure. For instance, when runni

While we're quite proud of the audio clips and interviews we throw up on AutoblogGreen, I know that not everyone listens to every thing we record and post. One helpful hint that Michael Martini, president of North American Consumer O.E. for both Firestone and Bridgestone, said during our interview from the Chicago Auto Show was for people to sign up for a monthly email reminder from Tiresafety.com (a website sponsored by Bridgestone and Firestone). Once you give them your info, including your em