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Whether or not you believe properly inflated tires save fuel, more and more vehicles are coming equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). Sensors mounted in either the valve or on the wheel itself measure tire pressure and alert drivers when their tires drop below a pre-set level of inflation. An Irish company (who's website is mysteriously malfunctioning as of this writing) coincidentally called Shrader Electronics has now taken TPMS to the next level.

The European Union is set to make tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) mandatory in 2012. This measure is intended to not only improve vehicle safety, but also to reduce CO2 emissions. Only correctly inflated tires run with the intended low rolling resistance and hence deliver maximum fuel efficiency - tire manufacturer Continental states says CO2 emissions can drop by 45 percent with correct inflation. Consider this: one out of three cars in Germany are driven with underinflated tires and st